Kamis, 10 September 2015

Product details of Xiaomi Mi 4i-16 GB-white

After success with various previous smartphone series, Mi returns offer Mi 4i-16 GB-white with premium class. This Smartphone comes with a unibody design is very compact and innovative so that it feels comfortable while in the grips. Equipped with the latest processors, 64-bit Snapdragon octa-core, 2 GB RAM and battery capacity mAh 3120, this smartphone is ready to support Your needs ranging from work to relax.


5 "screen 1080 p from Sharp and DAH JDI
Comes with 1080 p resolution screen, Mi 4i uses 5 "Full HD from Sharp and DAH JDI (Japan Display Inc.) to give you satisfaction in using this smartphone. The extraordinary colors of the resulting pun is enhanced with full lamination technology for better contrast. MI 4i also have Sunlight Display that uses a hardware-level algorithm to adjust the contrast on each pixel in real time, so that it can adapt in the light of the Sun. In addition, any screen protected by Corning glass OGS.

Processor 64-bit Performance
MI 4i have 64-bit performance that can process data twice as much than a 32-bit processor at a time. Snapdragon 615 second generation ever chosen for faster processing. Driven by CPU speed 2.4 GHz and 4 cores so power saving, this smartphone is perfect for multitasking use of any application.

13MP cameras, f/2.0 from Sony/Samsung
Let Mi 4i inspire you to become a professional photographer with a camera resolution 13MP from Sony/Samsung, apperture f/2.0 is the artistic and innovative technology that is able to adapt to various situations. With two-tone flash that can judge the color temperature of space, you can take a photo in a State of minimal light maximally. Results photos selfie or wefie will look more stunning 5MP camera in part thanks to him.

The connection is 4 g, Dual SIM, Dual Standby
With the support of 2 g/3 g/4 g dual SIM slots on both, Mi 4i is suitable for you who want a high mobility, anytime and anywhere. Set up a personal call or work easily with the figure of his dual SIM can work simultaneously.

Get Everything with battery 3120mAh
MI always offers high-capacity batteries to support its flagship smartphone smartphone-performance. 3120mAh-capacity batteries that are already included in it makes you always update without the need to worry about running out of battery while genting. Technology lithium-ion polymer cell-its can save every inch of the space of the battery is required. Not only that, the batteries have the ability any 4i Mi Quick Charge that is able to recharge the power up to 40% in one hour.

First Android MIUI with Lollipop
Outstanding performance is meaningless without an operating system that supports the. For that Mi 4i equipped with MIUI first running on Android v. 5 Lollipop. With the latest android MIUI on Mi 4i feels more interactive, pretty awesome and also to productivity as well as play. You can also take advantage of processors Mi 4i 64-bit him.
Complete Application Databank
MI 4i has features of databank applications. You can download all kinds of applications that you need to support your activities. For you lovers of selfie, you can download a variety of applications for editing photos so that the results of the photo you get a much more perfect. While for lovers of the game, you can also download thousands of the best and your favorite game. Not only that, Mi 4i also supports variety of applications available complete chat so you can enjoy a more pleasant communication with your favorite chat application. Not to miss, you can also mengundah a wide range of social networking applications; ranging from Twitter to Facebook, Path, Instagram. By downloading social networking application, surely you can share your special moments with all Your peers easily in one touch. You can also find out special moments all Your friends-friends with social networking and no doubt You can always be updated with the latest information about the nearest people around you. And for those of you lovers of travelling, the signposts and GPS applications you can download easily and free of charge so that your journey will become even more fun and easy. With Mi 4i all your needs everyday can certainly fulfilled in complete databank application.

MI 4i is designed to enhance your entertainment so that you can enjoy a variety of multimedia entertainment in the Palm of your hand. Features 3.5-millimeter jack, you can enjoy the music more clearly and fun using your favorite headset. Not only that, you can also play a variety of videos in various format more clearly with maximum resolution of thanks to its screen. And help you share your entertainment and pictures, this phone also facilitates You to access email to ease You in sharing through a variety of connections from your mobile phone to this one.

*) Purchase of a maximum of 1 item per order
*) Products can be returned to the Lazada within 14 days if it is still wrapped in plastic packaging
*) If the packaging has been opened, please contact nearest Service Center

Service Center

Jakarta: ITC Roxy Mas Lt. Gen. Jl.KH Hasyim-3 No. 77-021-6304973/021-6304974//Comp. Commerce Roxy Mas Blok C No. 6-4 7-021-6327111/021-6335809/Erafone/Mega Store Mall Of Indonesia GF # No A16-A19-021-29364707

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Yogyakarta: Jl. Bumijo No. 7A-7B-0274-9408325

Semarang: Eason Street Kingdom no. 58C-024-7622689/7626136

Specifications Xiaomi Mi 4i-16 GB-white

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Mi 4i-16 GB-white
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Data cable
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x deployment guide
General Features:
Price RP 2.850.000
Rear Camera (Megapixels) 13
Front Camera (Megapixels) 5
The condition of the New
Screen size 5.0
Network 4 g 3 g |
The Operating System Android
Operating System Version MIUI 6
Size (L x W x H cm) 13.8 x 7.1 x 0.78 cm
Product warranty 1 year Official Warranty
*) Products can be returned to the lazada within 14 days if it is still wrapped in the plastic packaging *) if the packaging has been opened, please contact your nearest service centre
Weight (kg) 0.13 kg
SIM card type Dual
Storage Capacity 16
Battery Type Build-in battery